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For Your Hands

We offer the following services to take care of your hands.


Classic Manicure — $23.00
Soak your hands in soothing warm water. Fingernails are trimmed, shaped, filed, buffed. Your cuticles are treated, your hands are massaged, and your are fingernails polished.

Deluxe Manicure — $40.00
Manicure with Sea Salt Glow treatment, Aloe-Vera, or Honey wrap with hot towel. Seat Salt Glow helps exfoliate and remove dead skin, leaving your skin soft and younger looking and feeling.

Organic Luxury Manicure — $45.00
(Choose from Lemongrass & Green Tea or Mandarin & Mango Masque)
Manicure with Dead Sea Salt Soak to detoxify. Sugar Scrub to exfoliate leaves skin replenished. Moisture Mask heals and protects the skin. Finish with a refreshing massage cream that leaves skin beautiful, smooth, and hydrated.

GEL Color Manicure — $40.00
GEL French Manicure — $47.00
Includes Classic Manicure and GEL polish application. GEL goes on like a polish and cures in a UV light so there is no drying time. The FEL polish goes on thin, but it gives enough volume and strength to grow your nails out. There are not artificial nails or tips and it removes in minutes. A GEL manicure lasts 10-14 days.


Solar with polish — $50.00
Solar pink & white  — $55.00
Liquid Gel pink & white — $65.00
Liquid Gel with polish — $55.00
Silk/Fiberglass — $55.00

SNS Dipping Overlay — $55.00
SNS Dipping with Tips — $60.00


Solar with polish — $35.00
Solar pink & white — $45.00
Liquid Gel with polish — $45.00
Liquid Gel pink & white  — $55.00
Silk/Fiberglass — $50.00
Repairs — $3.00 and up
GEL top coat — $5.00
GEL on acrylic nails — $15.00 extra


Polish change Hands — $15.00
Polish change feet — $20.00
French/American — $5.00 extra
Nail art (2 designs) — $5.00
Paraffin Wax — $10.00